Sensei Tony Shinro Doubleday

Tony Shinro Doubleday Sensei began the practice of Buddhist meditation in 1979. He first encountered Zen in 1982, since when he has participated regularly in sesshin (retreats) with Taizen Maezumi Roshi, Genpo Merzel Roshi, Charles Tenshin Fletcher Roshi and David Keizan Scott Roshi and other senior teachers in Maezumi Roshi’s lineage.

He received Jukai (Bodhisattva precepts) from Genpo Roshi in 1987.  In 1992 he co-wrote The Elements of Zen with David Keizan Scott Roshi, from whom he received Shukke Tokudo (monk ordination) in 2010, Hoshi (‘Dharma Holder’ certification)  in 2016, and Shiho (Dharma Transmission) in 2020.

Shinro Sensei has facilitated Zen practice groups and taught in introductory workshops since 1987 and has led the StoneWater Zen north London group since 2010. He also has three decades of experience in Budo (the Japanese martial arts), in which he trains today at the Tetsushinkan Budojo in north London. His paper Somatic Commonalities in the Study of Budo and Zen appeared in the Journal of Dance and Somatic Practice in 2015.